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HT & LT Installations

OurĀ  Organization has the capacity to supply, install, test & commission of overhead HT/LT transmission lines. These include poles, conductor / cables, insulators, hardware fittings and ACB. Furthere these activities can be done at minimum cost. We are one of the best class 1 Electrical Contractors in bangalore.

HT (High Tensions) - 11Kv

  • Installations of RCC poles RSJ / 11mts long, spun poles with GOS, HORN GAP Fuse cross arms, pin insulators, guysets, conductor, stringing of contractors, chainlink fencing, complete as required by EB.
  • Installation of double pole structure with metering cubicle.
  • Installation of four poles structure with metering cubicle.
  • Installation of HT metering cubicle with or without incoming isolator.
  • Incoming isolator ring mains unit with loop in and out isolator and outgoing isolator with HRC fuse and HT metering cubicle and HT cubling.
  • HRC fuse Ringmain unit with loop in isolator and outgoing 11kv breaker and HT metering cubicle total substation with distribution transformer.
  • Approvals : Inspection and testing of HT Installations From Department of Electrical Inspectorat.

LT (Low Tension) 11kv / 433v

  • Installationof RCC / 11 mts long spum poles with cross arms pin Insulator, guysets, ACSR conductors, Stringing for LT-433v completed as required by EB.
  • Installation of 11 / 433 V Distribution Trasnformer indoor / Outdoor with all required protection as required protection as required by E.B.
  • Installation of 433 KV motor centers, panels for distribution of lighting and power requirments.
  • Capacitor panels automatic / manual as it is required form electrical supply authority to maintain a power factor or not less than 0.90 F.
  • Approval Inspection and Testing LT Installation from department Electrical Inspectorate.